Why We Should Change for Just One Person

birthday club

As the parent of a child with food allergies, I know that there’s a right time to stand up and advocate for him.
I also know that there’s a time to shut up and scoop at the school’s ice cream social.

It was one of those times when the conversation among ice cream social volunteers inevitably turned toward food allergies. One vocal parent (not me, I promise) had complained about the ice cream social all the way up to the board of education trustees, and my fellow volunteers were indignant: Read more »

An In-Depth Guide: How to Transition Young Children with Autism


Young children with Autism respond well to structured routines and familiar surroundings. But life has a way of throwing unexpected curve balls, and people need to adapt. Psychologists call this resiliency; the ability to “go with the flow” when things don’t go your way. Resiliency is honed in neurotypical children through their development of play and self regulation skills, as well as a sense of humor. Read more »