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New Program

Mommy and Me with Mrs. Amy

Sep 11 - Dec 11

I do..We do..You do

Using a multi- sensory approach for our adorable special little ones we will explore learning through circle time, story time, sensory activities and art based projects. Come enjoy the magic of learning in a safe, warm environment with your child and let the fun begin!

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Young Adult Circle

Talents Night

November 30

Bringing talents to the spotlight! Join us for a off the hook Talent Show & headbands game with a magical performance by all our incredible friends! Let creativity take center stage to dazzle us all! See you there!

Please let us know which talent you will be prepared to show off! We’ve had everything from magic, to comedy, dance to makeup tutorials! The sky is the limit!

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Culinary Club

Gnocchi with Chef Luigi

December 3

The count down is on to an exciting culinary journey of yummy Gnocchi crafting With Famous Chef Luigi Join our incredible Friendship Circle buddies for an afternoon of mashing, folding, dancing, and rolling our way to a delicious time together! Don’t miss the Gnocchi-licious fun!

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Teen Scene

Game Day

December 17

Time to sit around & get to know one another, play cool games & enjoy delicious snacks! Don’t miss out on an incredible afternoon of Teen Scene fun!!

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