About our Program

Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

For Ages 18+

Our Life Skills & Job Training program was created with the goal of providing adults with special needs an immersive, real-world environment where they can practice critical life and job skills to navigate their best life!

The program includes hands-on training in our Friendship  Grill with a focus on interpersonal relationships and communications skills. Our adults have a lot of Community integration via our Mentorship Program, visiting local businesses & helping customers. We also put great emphasis on building independent living skills through subjects such as Health & Safety, personal finances, housekeeping & others.

Our home school students engage in community integration through our Business Ambassador Program, where they visit local businesses and acquire essential customer service skills. Additionally, we prioritize their development of independent living skills, covering topics like Health & Safety, personal finances, housekeeping, and other crucial aspects of daily life.

The Friendship Circle Life Skills Program is a non-profit class program directly involved with parents interested in home education for students with special needs. Our team of veteran home educators are happy to mentor and pass on knowledge and support to those new to home education and its stages.

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For adults aged 20+ with developmental disabilities, who are independent in their self-care needs, able to communicate verbally, and respectful to those around them