I am a PARENT and here is my story


My name is Valerie Lane and I have a daughter, who is nineteen, her name is Lauren Ettinger. Lauren is cognitively impaired and she has ADD and Obsessive compulsive disorder, just to name a few things.
When Lauren was about 8 years old, she participated for the first time in the Jewish Hall of Fame games (Special Olympics).

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I am a VOLUNTEER and here is my story


It was a year ago that I found myself at the Friendship Circle for the first time. As an elementary education student I was required to fulfill a 70-hour requirement of working with children. I had the option of volunteering or working, but I chose to volunteer. I called my mom and asked her about the Friendship Circle where I knew she had volunteered.

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I am a CHILD and here is my story


It is December 28, 7:30 AM. I do not know that today I am going to meet a person who will change my life. 3 hours later, at 10:30 AM I am at the Friendship Circle. I walk up to my volunteer.

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